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The sale of all merchandise on www.AbolishAllHate.com is intended for the promotion of the Abolish All Hate slogan. The owner/trademark holder of the Abolish All Hate slogan and its associated, copyrighted designs, reserves the exclusive right to grant you, the buyer, the right to purchase or gift Official Abolish All Hate merchandise, sold exclusively on the www.AbolishAllHate.com site.

Except for the right to own and use Official Abolish All Hate merchandise, no other rights related to the slogan or design(s), either specific or implied, shall be granted.

Title, copyright, intellectual property rights, and distribution rights affiliated with the slogan Abolish All Hate shall remain exclusively with the owner/trademark holder and shall not be infringed. Intellectual property rights consist of the slogan, artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and/or images related to the slogan's collective content.

This agreement does not create or imply any relationship in agency or partnership between the owner/trademark holder of Abolish All Hate and you, the end-user, except as specified in writing.




Items are shipped via Priority Mail, within 1or 2 days of placing the order.


T-shirts and sweatshirts are sized "regular". The hats have a 24 inch circumference limit. Please consider this if you have had problems with baseball cap not fitting. If hat sizes are smaller, it will say so.




Art pieces (posters, prints, greeting cards) are custom-printed to order, therefore all sales are final, UNLESS stated otherwise on the product page. Wearable items are exchangeable if defective, or returnable with a 15% restocking fee applied. We are also happy to cancel an order within 24 hours or less of it being placed.

The buyer is responsible for any shipping charges.




No personal information shall be shared with anybody, anywhere, or for any reason whatsoever by us. Payments are processed via Paypal.


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